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Blueprint for Early Learning: a comprehensive curriculum,

provides a detailed set of plans for PreK teachers to
deliver engaging, intentional, and responsive instruction.

Texas Proclamation 2021 Pre-Sample Review Notice:

Education Innovation Research (EIR)

Due to a current US Dept. of Education research study, prior to viewing or downloading this curriculum viewers must agree to, not share the content. Unapproved sharing of this content could jeopardize this on-going study. Current randomly selected study sites are in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Correlation to Texas PreK Guidelines

The activities and lessons directly aligned to the Texas PreK Guidelines are found within each unit’s Teaching Guide. The additional, included resources such as picture cards, games, family letters, audio clips and videos are included to enhance and implement the instruction, but are not listed in the correlation document.

The correlation document lists each citation using the following locator key:

U: Unit, D: Day and the following scheduled activities:

A: Art Center
BC: Block Center
DPC: Dramatic Play Center
GT: Greeting Time
IRA: Intentional Read Aloud

LC: Library Center
MC: Math Center
MTP: Message Time Plus
MT: Movement Time
SC: Science Center

ST: Sensory Table
SG: Small Group
TT: Talk Time
TC: Technology Center
WC: Writing Center

Children's Books

The children’s books suggested for use with this curriculum are not directly aligned to the Texas PreK Guidelines. While the books are not directly aligned to the Texas PreK Guidelines, the context or subject matter of the books supports the delivery of instruction. The activities and lessons that make up the instruction are directly aligned to the Texas PreK Guidelines. Please note, the children’s books do not come with this free downloadable curriculum, however upon advice from our TEA liaison, a complete set of children’s books have been sent to the TEA and each ECS. The children’s books should be readily available from any school or public library, school supply vendor or children’s book supplier.

Disabled Tabs

Several of the menu options are currently disabled as they do not directly align to or correspond to the pre-sample approval requirements.

Thematic Units

The Blueprint for Early Learning curriculum is divided into 10 thematic teaching units. Select the unit button to go to each unit’s specific webpage. Here you will find the Teaching Guide and associated resources. Each Teaching Guide and most of the resources can be viewed or downloaded as a PDF from this portal.

For correlation please note: Additional resources beyond the Teaching Guides are located on the Blueprint for Early Learning portal. These additional resources for download include items such as picture cards, game cards, and family letters. There are also video and audio clips. These resources are suggested supports to implement the aligned activities, but are not directly correlated to the Texas PreK Guidelines, nor found listed in the required correlation document.


Building Our Classroom Community

Unit Resources >>


Healthy Kids!

Unit Resources >>


Exploring Our Local Community

Unit Resources >>


We Are Architects!

Unit Resources >>


Life on the Farm

Unit Resources >>


Mix & Make

Unit Resources >>


Let's Eat!

Unit Resources >>


Animal Architects

Unit Resources >>


Look Up!

Unit Resources >>


Celebrating Our Classroom Community

Unit Resources >>

Children's Books

High quality children’s literature serve as the foundation to many of the activities listed within our curriculum. These children’s books can be found within most school or public libraries, or are sold by typical school supply vendors. The books themselves are not directly correlated to the Texas PreK Guidelines, but the book (or context of the book) is needed to implement the aligned teaching activities.

For Texas Proclamation 2021 review purposes, we along with our Texas adoption liaison felt it was important for all reviewers to have easy access to the suggested children’s books highlighted within each thematic teaching unit. The complete library collection was shipped to each ESC and the TEA. Each book is clearly labeled “Review Sample. Blueprint for Early Learning”.

See Blueprint Book List >>