Blueprint for Early Learning

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Blueprint for Early Learning provides a full school year of fun, intentional, impactful and responsive Pre-K instruction!

This new comprehensive curriculum is based on the proven effective evidence of our previous Blueprint for Early Literacy Success
literacy supplement.

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  • Robust Scope & Sequence
  • STEM Rich Hands-on Explorations
  • Proven Effective Literacy Strategies
  • Respectful Multilingual Supports
  • Aligned to Head Start & State Standards
  • Suggestions to Extend & Individualize
  • Embedded Point of Use & On Going Professional Development
  • Fun, Engaging, Impactful & NEW!

Our new Blueprint is organized into 10 culturally and linguistically respectful thematic units that are coupled with 90 carefully curated children’s books. 

Educators will enjoy easy access to an online teacher resource portal that includes downloadable resources, video and audio clips, observation checklist and family engagement supports.

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Supporting your preschooler in learning, playing, and being together at home!

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Help your young learner GROW and THRIVE!

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Blueprint for Early Learning daily schedule is well balanced with plans for one on one explorations, small and large group instruction organized by:

  • Centers
  • Gathering Times
  • Message Time Plus®
  • Intentional Read Alouds
  • Small Groups
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Teaching Guide 4 - We Are Architects!
Teaching Guide 4 - We Are Architects!
Teaching Guide 4 - We Are Architects!
Teaching Guide 4 - We Are Architects!

Independently Validated

An independent evaluation has found that Blueprint for Early Literacy has a positive impact on child outcomes.

Children in Blueprint classrooms outpaced their peers in vocabulary development by two-and-a-half months of growth.

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Gathering Time Instructional Video

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Blueprint helps teachers develop their capacity by providing opportunities for professional development,  and strengthening their instructional practice.

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Teaching Guide 4 - We Are Architects!

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Children’s Literacy Initiative is a national non-profit focused on strengthening early education. Our mission is to work with early childhood through fifth-grade educators to transform care and instruction so that children can become powerful readers, writers and thinkers.

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